Pricing for your event is based on an hourly rate of $250 and is tailored to your specific event plans. This rate includes the primary work to capture your event as well as all of the secondary work such as image processing, travel, set-up, insurance, etc.  Many events are quoted at 4-8 hours, meaning a price of $1400-$2200. This is well below the market price for high quality event photography. Most Mitzvah events are very predictable and are typically priced at $1950 unless circumstances warrant variation from that price. 

I do not offer traditional photo packages that include an array of products. My base price includes full coverage of your event, and the processing to compile your images into a complete gallery. Products such as proof albums, prints, albums or other items are ala carte. The primary reason for this is to protect you from hidden charges. Most packages that include physical products are used as teasers with the intent to upsell you on the backend. After all, what are the chances that a package offered to you is exactly what you want? The best example of this is albums. It is virtually impossible for an album that is included in a package to be exactly what you want. There are just too many options and too many variables to your event. It’s a perfect setup for you to get taken advantage of. Not gonna do it.



I am happy to offer pre-event portrait sessions when included as part of a complete event package. A two hour portrait session is $350. I'm very flexible with the conditions of this session. I'd be happy to discuss details with you at any time.


Prints can be ordered online or directly from me. All prints orders are carefully reviewed and include retouching as needed. Orders will require a nominal shipping charge and 6% Michigan sales tax. 

4x6 $16
5x7 $20
8x10 $24
8x12 $26
11x14 $35
12x18 $45
16x20 $55
16x24 $65



I am proud to partner with Zookbinders and GraphiStudio to offer the highest quality custom photo albums in a wide variety of designs and options. Album pricing is complex and is essentially unique to each specific album design. Album pricing is ultimately based on the album options and the number of pages. From experience, a typical album is about 24-36 pages and costs about $700-$1200. I'd would be happy to discuss these details with you at any time.


Although I do not offer video montage design services, I do offer the ability to project them at your event, or provide a TV Monitor to display a montage or photos throughout the event. I offer a laptop computer, high lumen projector and full size projector screen to show your video montage, or a full size TV monitor. Sound is typically sent to the DJ from the laptop, but if necessary, I can provide sound as well. The cost for each service is $200.


Gifyyy Photo Booth pricing is $200 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. I offer special pricing when Gifyyy is coupled with a full event photography session. In this case, Gifyyy is $450 for the entire event, as long as I am there. Custom backdrops using your party theme is available at an additional cost. This is a great way to get the coolest Photo Booth on the market at the best possible price.