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I am pleased to offer the Gifyyy photo booth alternative. Gifyyy is an unattended photo booth that takes a quick succession of photos and compiles them into a short GIF, which can be sent to your smart phone and shared via social media. Kids love it and are able to share their “picture” with friends in real time.


Gifyyy is new! Gifyyy is different! Gifyyy is fun!





The traditional photo booth gives you prints that you can take home with you. That’s nice. My wife and I recently cleaned out a drawer in our study and threw away literally dozens of these images from years gone by. Also, a traditional photo booth needs to be attended, resulting in a tangible cost.

Once set up at your event venue, Gifyyy runs unattended (for Mitzvah events, an attendant is required and included in the price). Guests are free to use Gifyyy as they wish. Gifyyy is designed to create GIFs, but if you prefer, it can shoot stills as well. Unfortunately, this choice must be made at set-up. It cannot take both GIFs and stills on the fly.

The only time constraint for Gifyyy is me. If I'm there, then Gifyyy is there. There are no other time constraints than that. So unlike traditional photo booths that are hired by the hour, Gifyyy is always there.


Gifyyy can also be customized with your event logo. This logo will appear at the bottom of every GIF. How cool is that! Also available is a custom backdrop at an additional cost.


Introductory pricing for Gifyyy is $450 when part of any photography event.  I’d love the opportunity to tell you more. 


Watch this quick video to see Gifyyy in action!


Gifyyy IntroGifyyy Photo Booth Intro